Why you should be on Google my Business?

Ever searched for a company on Google and not been able to find them? What happens when that’s your company?

You may be losing potential customers and there’s a simple way to fix that. Simply join Google My Business and when someone searches your company name your business profile will come to the top of the page*. This will include your logo, or a photo, company info, industry/sector, contact details, company description, and any google reviews you have. A much better outcome than not being found, or making someone try multiple search queries to find you.

It’s worth noting there are other search engines too, such as yahoo and bing, but google still gets 90% of global searches as of Jan 2019.

Not only does it give you a business profile with contact links, it gets you on google maps. This can be really important too if you have a physical location and customers need to find your business. We helped local music festival Brodstock get onto google map, so now if a festival goer needs directions they are right there at the top of google.

At Timple Digital Marketing we’ve recently built some websites for Halifax & Huddersfield based companies and added them to google business, and when you do a search for them their business profile comes to the top. Give it try.


RB Electrical

Advance Mental Health

Bow Doors

What happens if someone searches my businesses industry and area?

This is a little different, but your business can still appear on the google map for such a search query, depending on the competition, quality of your google business profile, and time you’ve been on google.

If you want to get to the top of google for such searches it will need some SEO work doing. If you would like Timple Digital Marketing’s help, we are more than happy to pop along to your business for a coffee and a chat. Just use our contact form to arrange.

*As long as you don’t share your name with another company.