Timple Case Study: Advance Mental Health

The Problems:

  • The company, old name “Aireach” was difficult to search for:
    • The name “Aireach” was difficult to spell and pronounce for some people, meaning when someone wanted to find the company on a google search it was hard to find. This meant losing potential customers as they couldn’t find the website.
  • The old website wasn’t laid out well, this was effecting the SEO:
    • The website pages weren’t titled correctly, and didn’t specific what the company was actually offering.
  • While the old site was well design, it had very little informative content.
  • Little social media presence:
    • The company had a facebook page, which hadn’t been updated since 2017. Coming up with content was also challenging.

The Solutions:

1, Rebrand the company as “Advance Mental Health”:

At Timple we registered the domain www.advancementalhealth.co.uk and added the company to Google Business. When now searching on google for “Advance Mental Health” the Advance Mental Health google business for the page comes right at the top. The google business profile has all important business contact details and a link to the website.

We also changed the colours to reflect a calming professional style for Advance Mental Health. Further we carefully selected appropriate photos and fonts to match this style.

2, Organise the website pages to help improve the website’s SEO:

The previous website’s pages included; schools, organisations, care homes, as these are the organisations Advance Mental Health targets. However if a person from these organisations are searching google for a Mental Health Training provider they won’t be searching for “schools” “organisations” “care homes”. They will search for the services they need. Timple therefore made the site more searchable for the actual courses offered. We also installed a SEO package updating all keywords and meta title data.

3, Adding more informative content:

Working in collaboration with the client, Timple added more relevant and expert content for each page on the site. All mental health training courses provided by Advance Mental Health now have detailed breakdown including, who do the course, who it’s for, and what the course covers. See one of the pages; https://advancementalhealth.co.uk/mental-health-training-courses/mental-health-awareness-training-course/

4, Added a company Linkedin page, and started Advance Mental Health on a Timple social media package:

As Advance Mental Health in primarily a B2B company we felt the best social media approach would be on Linkedin. Obviously the more social media platforms you can use the better, however time and budgets constraints don’t always allow this.  We set up a company Linkedin page which is used to post news, articles, and activity relating to Advance Mental Health. By posting regularly this keeps existing followers up to date and gives them chance to interact with Advance Mental Health online. We also have ran a campaign building potential leads for the business on Linkedin as well. Building a number of followers able to see Advance Mental Health info. Posting on Linkedin and other social media sites is a great way to build up your SEO score as well.